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**New Legislation Just Passed---Take our course and get your Driver's License at age 16 years and 3 months instead of 16 years and 9 months!!!  *Must be at least 15 years old to take the class. **Effective 7/01/2015

"Best Performer-Indiana" Award Recipient, National Safety Council

Northern Indiana's MOST Experienced Driving School!
We take learning to drive seriously.  This is what we choose for a career...it's not the owner's part-time or summer employment.  In our over 50+ years in business, we've taught over 90,000 people to drive!!

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Drive Safely with a Certified Instructor

Fricks Driving School was established in 1960. Bill Wagner purchased Frick's in 1971. He taught science and coached in the SBCSC for 15 years until he decided, in 1983, to pursue his career in driver’s education full time. He has his Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling.

Choosing a driving school is very important. It can set the tone for a lifetime on the road. You want a driving school that goes beyond the basics. Training your new driver safely is too important to look for the lowest price or even the most conveniently located program. That's why we at Fricks Driving School do things a little differently.

First, you receive personalized attention in the classroom and behind the wheel. Our instructors give each student private driving time. This one-on-one attention eases the fears and embarrassment of not knowing how to drive or not doing as well as someone else. It helps a student relax and concentrate on learning.

As a Fricks Driving School student, you can learn to drive a modern slap-shift vehicle as well as an automatic. It's fairly easy to learn and may be of help to you in the future...in an emergency or if you're ever required to drive a modern slap-shift vehicle.

carAdditional Benefits of coming to Fricks Driving School:
We have patient instructors who do not yell at students. Our classroom instructors try to keep everyone involved. They believe in hands-on learning along with traditional learning methods.

For example: we have the students participate in the “Drunk Busters” activities, along with checking brake reaction and changing a tire (weather permitting), etc.
ALSO, being located in Penn Township, a portion of our Property Taxes are returned to the Penn Harris Madison School Corp., Mishawaka Public School Corp., and the other local school corporations, unlike those of schools located outside of this county.

Certified by Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

State approved for:

  •     Teenagers and Adults
  •     Free Pick-Up at School, Home or Work if located inside St. Joseph County, Indiana
  •     Automatic and Modern Slap-Shift Manual
  •     Nervous Cases Our Specialty
  •     Road Test Available for Qualifying Students
  •     Home Schooled Welcome

Contact Information

Fricks Driving School
535 West Edison Road., Suite 3
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Phone: 574-256-0650

1/2 Block West of Grape Road
Across from Bonefish Grill